Black head pore mask

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Tired of shelling out money for pore strips? Have no fear, you can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can often make them with just what you have on hand, from egg whites to honey and unflavored gelatin.

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Target the root of all skin problems — by stripping weekly and cleansing daily. Our powerful, pore-cleansing products come in liquid, foam, scrub, and strip forms to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Pores on your face can get clogged with oil, dry skin cells, and everyday dirt and debris you encounter when you're out in the world. Clogged pores left untreated can lead to blackheads and acne, so it's important to clean them often. Try one of four techniques for unclogging your pores: steaming, exfoliating, using a facial mask , and using a pore-unclogging treatment.

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03.06.2015  · Встроенное видео  · I wanted so desperately to try this 3 step pore cleanser set by Sexy Look after I saw it in a video on Facebook where I was …

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The milk contains skin softening properties while gelatin seeps into pores to remove the the blackheads. You can use on your face to get rid of dead skin for a clear skin.

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Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit
(Pore Care / Oily Skin)

Step1,  Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil
Step2,  Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish
Step3,  Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

Brand : KLAIRS
Volume :
Cleansing Oil 150ml +
Facial Polish 60g +
Facial Soap 1EA 
All Skin Types (Oily Skin)
Made in Korea